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Transaction section

Always use the Transaction section to add your daily financial entries (by Transactions Button)
You can enter and manage your all daily financial operations by some simple clicks.

For your convenience and more ease, there are 9 types of transactions as follows:

Expense Transactions
When you pay cash for your bills, services or something.

Income Transactions
When you receive cash as a revenue, bank interest, salary or each type of income.

Received From Transactions
When you borrow cash from someone as a loan or debt.
When you receive cash for what you already paid to someone as loan.

Paid To Transactions
When you lend cash to someone as credit.
When you pay cash for what you already received from someone as a debit.

Transfer Transactions
When you transfer money from a bank account to another cash accounts.

Expense - Reversal Transactions
When you return an expense witch you have already paid.

Income - Reversal Transactions
When you return an income which you have already received.

Expense - Payable Transactions
When you purchase something or some services but you will pay its money in future.

Income - Receivable Transactions
When you get an income or revenue but you will receive its money in future.


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